Thursday, January 2, 2014

Filet Table Runners

A very nice surprise delivery came a few weeks ago.  My Filet Table Runners book was finally a reality.  It was March of 2011 when Leisure Arts called to tell me they accepted my filet table runner patterns to publish as a pattern booklet.  They did an awesome job of putting it all together and there are great photos of the runners.  There are 8 patterns in all...
The one on the cover is called Sawtooth Stars and was inspired by a quilt pattern.
Hearts and Lace was the first pattern I worked on when I started this project and I still think if I had to choose one this would be my favorite. It all started sitting in the fertilizer truck down below Leesburg, Va one September day back in 2010 waiting for my load to be empty with a pencil and graph paper. 

This one is called Stars and Stripes.  I also have a version of this done in Red White and Blue that I like, too.

Chain Links was inspired by driving down another Virginia road one day hauling fertilizer and seeing a fence pattern.  It didn't quite turn out like the fence but then again nothing ever turns out in the finished product like it looks in my head !!

Picket Fence is another one that started out differently in my mind but I loved the end result.

Diamonds started out as a doily.  I really like the edging on this one.

This one is called Pretty Pattern

 Last but  not least is Ziggy Zaggy.  It is a version of a chevron pattern.
All are very easy to do working from charts and written instructions.  Under Joyce's Links you can click on Leisure Arts or Maggie's Crochet to purchase the book from their websites.  They told me that it would also be available in the JoAnn stores after the first of the year.  I have copies available here also and they are on my Etsy store page and also eBay if anyone is interested.  I hope you all enjoy it !! 


  1. Joyce, I just purchased your "Filet Table Runners" book! I love it! I wondered if you have any Christmas patterns for bookmarks. I would like to put them in my Christmas cards to my friends! :) Thank you.

  2. Thank you for purchasing the book I hope you like it. No I don't have any book mark patterns at this time but that is a great idea!!! I'm sure if you do a search on the internet you may find some patterns out there. Thanks:).

    1. Hope you publish another book with more doilies/scarves and odds & ends.
      Thank you!

  3. Thanks I hope so too:). You can check out my Etsy store for some patterns or search my name on Ravelry to see what I have had published. The links are on the blog. I'm glad you are enjoying the book. Thanks!!!