Friday, July 31, 2015

Bunny Love

 I had made the sitting down bunny and carrot a few months ago and was making another one for a gift when it hit me to make one standing up.

Two bunnies are better than one!!

Every bunny needs some bunny love :) 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Country Gardens Pillow

The last few days the Knit and Crochet convention was held in San Diego, CA.  The last several years I have entered the design contest and this year I sent in 3 items.  I was very happy to say the least when I saw the winners list and my pillow got 1st place in the Home D├ęcor category!!! It did very well at the Maryland State Fair last fall and also the Great Frederick Fair as well.
This is the front side.....

......and this is the back.
I found this photo of my pillow on the internet laying on a table at the show.  I can't seem to find it again I'm glad I saved it when I did!! Wow such beautiful designs!!!  Hoping some day one of the conventions is close enough to home to be able to attend. 
Thank you to the Crochet Guild of America and all the judges and sponsors.  It is greatly appreciated!!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lighted Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

It's  been very hot and humid lately so it makes one think of Christmas in July!!
Here's something to bring in a breath of cooler air.....
a Christmas tree wall hanging!! 

This design has battery operated light strings woven thru it. It is a filet crochet piece worked in Aunt Lydia's size 10 crochet cotton over a double crochet piece worked in Red Heart Super Saver. The one light string on a silver wire is woven thru the two pieces to hold them together and put the lights in the tree area.  The second one is teeny lights on a green cord and the little bulbs push thru the back.  The front is sewn to the backing with sewing thread and the green cord from the light string where the tiny bulbs are pushed thru the snowflake areas are sewn over with sewing thread to hold the lights in place to keep them from pushing back thru.  It hangs on a curtain rod with a crocheted hanger with tassels on the ends.  The battery packs are held in place in a pocket on the back of the piece.  If you are interested in this pattern it is available in my Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry stores.  Check it out under the links above.  Keep cool!!