Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shutter Frames

I finally got around to a wood working project I wanted to make for over a year now.
They are "shutter" picture frames I made out of bead board.

I was looking  for shutters to hang on each side of a large shelf but couldn't find any that were only 30" long.  Then it occurred to me I had all this extra bead board left from a project from a few years ago and I could make them out of that.  Then I was thinking about how to decorate the shutters and thought about hanging pictures on them.  I ended up cutting out the picture area and then hot gluing acrylic frames on the back to hold the pictures.  It worked out really well to do that and I only have the price of the frames in the project. I painted them before gluing in the frames and ran a sander over the paint to "age" it some. I am pretty please with how they turned out. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Climbing Trellis Scarf

The March issue of Happily Hooked is now live online and I'm happy to say it includes my Climbing Trellis Scarf pattern.

I'm also happy to have Barb model it for me, she did a great job!!

It is a filet pattern the first few lines of instructions are written out then the rest is worked from a graph.

It is very easy to make and goes pretty quickly.  To get your copy of Happily Hooked online go to happilyhooked.com or click on Happily Hooked under Joyce's Links for all the info.