Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ready for the fair

Just looking at this picture it doesn't look like many entries but there are 23 in this box that went to the Maryland State Fair yesterday.  I see this year they have a Facebook page just for their new crochet only section at the fair it's Crochet at the Maryland State Fair if you want to check it out.  Check back in a couple weeks to see how the entries did!!  I'm hoping they put pictures on Facebook of the displays since we have never had a chance to actually go to the fair and see all the displays. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Virginia Beach

Recently I had my first vacation to the beach.  I'd been to the ocean before but not to actually stay a while and put my toes in the water!!  It sure was fun and I'm ready to do it again!! 
We had to go thru this long tunnel under the water to get to our destination.

This was where we stayed on the first floor.

We took a boat ride to see some dolphins and there were a few.
The boat went up as far as the Cape Henry lighthouses

Tried to get dolphin pictures but they were too fast!!

Lots of big ships passing by, too.

The view from our room.

This is the boat we rode on earlier in the day.

That evening there were fireworks.

Woke up early so I had to get some pictures of the sunrise!!

This guy has a tough job......!!

Later off the pier there were dolphins swimming around I finally got pictures of. 

We checked out the Aquarium and the cute sea lions out front. 

There was this glass tunnel you could walk thru the fish.  Very neat!!

Last but not least we went to see the lighthouses up close. 
A short but very enjoyable little get away!!

Tea Light Pumpkin

Yesterday Crochet World send my Tea Light Pumpkin back with two complimentary copies of the magazine.  Love their photo of the pumpkin!!  Thank you Crochet World!!