Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shelling corn

Even tho we had almost 6 inches of rain it was fit to combine again today.
The trailers filled up pretty fast so we each shelled our own loads and took them to the mill so the combine didn't have to be sitting so long.
It was hard to believe the yield monitor at times it really got up there going across the field. 
What a shame to have such good yields and the prices are half of what they were just two years ago !!!  That's farming !! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another busy week

It's been another busy week around here.

I got a couple of crochet lampshades finished...
and a purse. Needs some tweaking on this pattern but I like it and it's very quick and easy to make
Since we got a little shower of much needed rain on Monday and it wasn't fit to cut soybeans Rick sowed some wheat.
Charlie rode a little while but he seemed to like watching better.
and also playing.
Addie and Charlie picked their Jack B Little pumpkins in the afternoon
We have had some of the most beautiful sunsets lately

Then on Thursday we got more rain..... a LOT more rain.... over 5" and still getting some showers !!

That gave me time to do some wood crafting

and also rearrange some shelves to display some salt & pepper sets
Then yesterday we went to a farm auction
I got another chair to add to my collection, this one needs some paint....another project !!

Also bought a box lot and these were just some of the goodies in it.
More rain in the forecast for this week so maybe I can get lots more crafts made for the upcoming shows. 



Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better day today.....so far....

We were able to get our early soybeans finished today.....
Then move on down to the other side of Burkittsville to start on the neighbors soybeans.

Beautiful sunrise

We each took a load of soybeans to Greencastle this morning

It was a beautiful sunrise

and there is a beautiful tree in Boonsboro.
The best time of the year !!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is it smoke or is it dust.....

This time it was smoke !!!!  Doesn't look like it in the picture but it was coming out the front and the back.  I got back from taking a load of beans and they were hosing it down inside.  Don't know if a rock or a stray piece of metal might have gone inside and caused a spark or what.  Tried it again and it smoked again.  Hosed it down some more and tried it again and it did it again.  Hosed it down again and let it sit.   Checked it out in the dark and no glowing inside so hopefully the fire is out !!  Hopefully it will work OK tomorrow !!!