Sunday, July 26, 2015

Country Gardens Pillow

The last few days the Knit and Crochet convention was held in San Diego, CA.  The last several years I have entered the design contest and this year I sent in 3 items.  I was very happy to say the least when I saw the winners list and my pillow got 1st place in the Home Décor category!!! It did very well at the Maryland State Fair last fall and also the Great Frederick Fair as well.
This is the front side.....

......and this is the back.
I found this photo of my pillow on the internet laying on a table at the show.  I can't seem to find it again I'm glad I saved it when I did!! Wow such beautiful designs!!!  Hoping some day one of the conventions is close enough to home to be able to attend. 
Thank you to the Crochet Guild of America and all the judges and sponsors.  It is greatly appreciated!!  

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