Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lighted Ornaments

The following ornaments are something new this year.  These are 4" ornaments that slip over a bulb on the Christmas tree to light them up.  They were crocheted in halves then saturated in stiffener and stretched over a Styrofoam ball then glued together.  Very easy to make. 

These are 2" ornaments that I put over a string of lights to put on the mantel.  If you are wondering what the little note says on the mini long underwear they were made by my Mom (a very crafty person herself !!) I think the year we got married if I remember right and had this little poem with them that says.....

I've washed them in Woolite,
So they didn't shrink,
Nor are they for Junior,
If that's what you think.

I sewed them myself
they look very neat
They're not to admire
But to wear on your feet.

So take off the buttons
Remove the stitches with care,
You've gained 2 pair of socks,
But you've lost your underwear !!

How cute is that !!! 
Here is a close up of the 2" ornaments.  Very pretty at night !!
This one I tried to make as a lighted tree topper.  It was formed as a 6" ball but it didn't look quite right so I put a light in it and wrapped some pip berries around it to make a little lamp.  Looks like it's sitting in a nest.  I think this about covers all the crocheted Christmas decorations I have out this year.  I'll save the snowman stuff for when we finally get some snow :)

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