Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tied In Hoops

One nice way to display a pretty doily is to tie it in a metal hoop and hang it.  This is my very favorite pattern I think from designer Elizabeth Hiddleson although it's hard to pick a favorite out of all her beautiful patterns. It is called Diamond Tiara and is in the Volume 11 pattern book. She had the most beautiful intricate doilies I think I've ever seen.  I have been hooked on her designs since I bought my first pattern book in a Ben Franklin store probably back in 1982.  Since then I collected the whole set of her 49+ pattern books plus some single sheet patterns finding the most of them on eBay.  One is just as beautiful as the next.  This one is worked in size 80 thread with a size 14 hook and it measured 15". 
This is also an Elizabeth Hiddleston design called Cluny Doily from the Volume 41 pattern book.  Worked in size 5 thread and size 5 hook it measures 15" and is tied in a ring also.  I like to put this one on the front door during the winter because it reminds me of a big snowflake.   

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