Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quilt Look Projects

First project this week, well it took longer than a week with only having time to work on it here and there but got it finished this week..... is this wall hanging.  Saw the idea in a Country Sampler magazine to hang a quilt or a wall hanging in the fire place.  Since ours was just covered in wallpaper I thought this might dress it up a little.  Back in the mid 80's I had stenciled a few blocks but never did anything with them thinking that one day I would use them for something then I remembered them when I got the idea for this project.  The one even has 1985 stenciled on it !!!  So I stenciled up a few more and put this together.  It went together pretty quick.  It's not quilted, just tied between the squares. 

Then this doily also was completed this week.  The pattern isn't perfected yet but I'm loving it so far.  It was pretty easy even if it might not look like it.  It's 15 1/2" square and reminds me of a mini quilt. 

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