Monday, September 10, 2012

Mini Vacation

This past weekend we took a mini vacation.  We left Friday morning to go to the Nittany Antique Tractor show near State College, PA.
The show was huge !!!  It was also very hot that day, too. 
The food was great like at any tractor show so we watched the tractor parade while we ate. 
It is in a very pretty area  with beautiful mountains all around.
There were way too many vendors to look at everything. 
We watched the silage chopping demonstration for a while then we took a drive up threw the valley.  The Amish farmers were bundling their corn and hauling it in to the barns all up and down the road. 
Heading back towards home we came across a huge farm chopping corn the more modern way. 
It was a very nice get away but like all vacations way too short !!! 

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