Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shelling Corn and other things.....

It's been a hot, dry, dusty, busy week !!!

We have been shelling high moisture corn for another farmer

Here is the unloading process at the farm.  Doesn't look like it in this picture but it's a very dusty, dirty, noisy job !!!

Rick ran the combine and I shuttled the 3 trucks from the fields to the farm

Our helper Lorn had the dirty noisy job of standing by the equipment unloading every truck all day long!!

We thought a few times on Thursday we were going to get rained out but all the storms went above or below us

By  the time the sun set we had done 12 loads that day using one trailer and 2 straight trucks

On Friday thankfully it was a much cooler day but no less dusty since all the rain missed us.  We were starting to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and finished up around 3:00.
33,700 some bushels and we were done !!!  That's a lot of feed for a lot of cows !!

So we decided to kick back yesterday and go to the Southern Cove antique tractor show at New  Enterprise, PA.  It was beautiful and sunny when we left home but when we got to the mountains it was very cloudy and cool.

After an hour or so at the show the sun came threw and it was a beautiful day in that little valley.  Very  nice show with lots of good food and tractors to look at.
A great way to end a busy week.

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