Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Takin' down the tree.....

I've been wanting to get rid of this Cedar tree that has been slowly dying for the last few years so when Rick got home early Friday he had some time to do it. 

Got out the chainsaw and the telehandler but turned out all he needed was the telehandler.

Just a "little" push......

and out it came, roots and all!!!

so he picked it up by the roots....

and carried it away!!

simple as that !!

All that was needed then was a little smoothing up where the tree was. 

Most of the dirt fell off the roots so it was very nice soft soil where the tree was to work with.

Transplanted a few daffodils and some mums, spread a little mulch and grass seed and it turned out to be a fairly easy job !! 
I found this little piece of lattice in the barn so I moved the Clematis that were at the rail fence posts we did away with by the lattice so they have something to climb on. 

Looks so much better without the dead tree to look at all the time!! 

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