Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another busy week

Memorial Day was a busy one around here.  Planted 62 acres of soybeans. 

It was a good thing that all those beans got planted then because on late on Tuesday afternoon we got this and now those fields are soaked!!

Of course getting an inch and 2 tenths of rain in half an hour washed out the crossing to get into the one field. Going to have to make another trip to get milling's to replace the ones that washed away. Thank goodness the pipe is cabled to a tree!! 

Luckily I had cut some Peonies and brought in the house before the storm hit.  So pretty and they smell so good!!!
I finally managed to get this doily finished I have been working on trying to get the pattern right this week, too.  I like it displayed either way, square or diamond shape.

I also love the color combinations.  It's much prettier than it looks in the picture.  I just can't figure out what to call this one.  Naming them is the hardest part!! 


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