Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day trip

 Yesterday Barb, Addie, Charlie & I took a little day trip down to Baltimore.  We took the kids to a really fun place called Port Discovery.  They enjoyed running thru the 3 floors of activities for them

They enjoyed playing in the Sesame Street section and doing a little puppet show.



Of course Charlie liked the car in the convenience store section

This had to be my favorite thing in the whole place.  The giant soap bubble ring!!

Addie liked seeing which objects would float...

....and running thru the big play area

 After all of that we walked a few blocks to the Inner Harbor where we had lunch on the patio of the Cheesecake Factory on such a beautiful day.

After lunch we took a water taxi ride around the harbor

Before we got back to the dock it had put Charlie to sleep :)

A very enjoyable day for all!!

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