Sunday, October 5, 2014

Painted Crochet

 I was working on some patterns for crocheted pumpkins and thought about this "globe" I had made a few  years ago with the original idea as a Christmas tree topper.  That didn't work out as I thought so it was just sitting in a box until I could figure out what to do with it. 
 I thought about using the design to make a pumpkin which turned out really well. 
I just used the same 6" foam ball to form it only I cut off opposite sides flat and dished them out to form the pumpkin shape.  It sits down over a battery tea light. It got me to looking more at the original crochet piece and the idea hit me to try to paint it!!
Turned out pretty well!!!  If you don't know it you can't tell it from one crocheted with orange thread.  I just pushed the top down a little and the bottom up some before painting and when the paint dried it held the shape.  The opening that was in it anyway on the bottom fits down over a battery tea light. 
Very cute during the day.....

....and at night!! 

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