Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pennsylvania Farm Show

We made our yearly trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show yesterday. 
The building is so pretty....
Someone does a great job on the butter sculpture
They have the nicest display of a farm in the one building.

This year they had an old combine "cutting" beans...

and a new one "shelling" corn

They actually have growing plants in the display!!

and make it look just like they are harvesting them. 

This old combine was from Gladhill's in Frederick. 

They have plants in all growing stages.

They even had the stubble just like a field would have. 
Then it was time for day dreaming.....
Rick checked out the price sticker on this tractor.....
Don't think it's going to be in the budget anytime soon..... Come on Lottery!!!
There wasn't much ice on the river this year.  Mostly in the middle of the river. 
Very nice day......


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