Friday, December 18, 2015

Snowball Christmas Tree

What do all these crocheted balls together lead to.....
A snowball tree!!

This tree came to mind after seeing one at a local shopping center the last several years.  This one isn't exactly like that one but similar. The balls are crocheted in halves then after stiffening around 1 1/2" foam balls the halves are fabric glued together then after all 53 !!!  balls are made they are hot glued together around a 9" cone base just for forming.  The cone is later removed and a battery light string can be inserted if desired.  It is very pretty at night with the lights shining thru.  A 3-D star is placed on top as well.  The finished size is 15 1/4" x 7 1/4.  The pattern is available in my Etsy store, Ravelry store and also my Craftsy store.  Click on the links above to get your digital download pattern today!!  There's still time to get one made and what's wrong with a white tree to have around all winter as well!! 

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