Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stretch and Burn....

This title could be a little's not related to exercise!!!! I was stretching and starching some crocheted edgings the other day so I thought I'd show some photos of how I do this...

first I put down some wax paper it keeps the lines on the cardboard fabric cutting board from bleeding thru when the starch is sprayed on. 

Then I stretch them and pin them as tightly as I can

After stretching I spray them with heavy spray starch then run an iron over them on the cotton setting.....

And here is what happens when you set the iron in a different spot than you are used to and back up and put your arm against the HOT IRON ON COTTON SETTING!!!!  This was over a  month ago and it's much better now but you can bet I'll be watching where the iron is sitting for sure form now on!!!   and after all these years doing the exact same thing.... it was just turned a little bit different than usual..... live and learn....!!!!! 


  1. Oh no! It looks very painful. I hope it heals quickly. I just love your filet crochet. Is that a barn and a cute little cow I see? So adorable. :)

  2. Hi. Sorry I didn't see your comment until now. Yes that is a little cow and barn scene. I have another post with the finished runners and the edgings attached. It's called Farm Scene Edgings. Maybe by now you have seen it. The burn has healed nicely, just a little mark remains.....hopefully it will be gone by t-shirt weather next spring!!! Thank you :)