Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to the drag..........

Rick's been busy getting everything ready to haul fertilizer the last few weeks.  He acid washed this trailer the other day and got it all shined up and serviced. At least we have had nice warm weather to do this stuff in this year.  Many winters we froze trying to get it all done. 

This morning he got the call to head out for 2 loads to Purcellville, VA.  Sure makes me glad that I made the decision to not haul this year.  I can already tell I'm NOT going to miss it but I will still fill in for him when he needs time off to get some things done around here.  

Brought to mind this centerpiece I made years ago to incorporate the fertilier hauling in with everything else we do. It's the basic Down on the Farm pattern with a few things taken out and the tracor trailer and the sprayer added to it.  
Left the cow in even tho they weren't around anymore then either !!   
Another sign that spring is not far away and the rush is on....

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