Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It was so nice yesterday that I thought it was time to clean up the flower beds and break off the old mum stems. I like leaving them over winter because they get brittle and break off easy and they are also pretty when we get a snow on them.

So much new growth already !!

They break off so easy this time of year.  I am so gentle with them, too.....I put on my big heavy boots and just use my feet to bend them to the right then bend them to the left and they break right off.  Then just toss them in the Gator with the pitch fork. 

Sure makes things easy !!! It only took me 4 hours this year.  I don't remember getting them done so quick before but then again as dry as it was last year some of them didn't get very big. 
Things look kind of bare without them
I even went so far as to put away my outside snowmen.  That will make us get some snow for sure !!

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