Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone !!  The basket with the eggs and the bunny candy dish are my newest designs for this spring.  They were easy to make, too if you don't mind stiffening all the pieces over forms, waiting for them to dry then gluing it all together.  Turned out pretty cute, tho.  There are  a
few things on them that need adjusting but for the most part I'm pleased.

The Easter Egg doily is another design from my favorite Holiday crochet book called Holiday Doilies by Emma L. Willey.  It was worked in size 10 thread with a size 5 hook and measure 13". 

Of course I had to have some Easter Bunny Gourds thrown in, too.

The tulips are blooming just in time for Easter this are the dandelions !!!

Happy Easter to all :)

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