Saturday, September 12, 2015

Heirloom Doily

A friend recently gave me these small motifs that her grandmother had made years ago asking for advise on how to turn them into a doily.  We laid them out different ways and she took pictures for reference.  She had never crocheted with thread before and she tried to join them together but she said she wasn't comfortable crocheting with thread and asked me if I would join them together for her.  So I laid them out and looked at them a while and asked her if she minded if I added a round to the one that was a bit smaller than the others and if I could make 3 more of the tiny ones to fill in at the corners.  She said she didn't care so I used Aunt Lydia's Antique White to do the crochet work since it matched up with the older motifs better.  I can't tell now which ones I added to and which ones are original!!  The color matched up so well!!  I
So I cheated a bit and tied the motifs together weaving in the ends to secure them tightly.  Then I took the red she had given me and went around the outside edge of them all joining them together.  The first border I tried had too many stitches in it to lay flat so that one got ripped out....then I came up with the shells and picots border which ended up tying them in nicely with the designs in the motifs. 

And here is the finished product!!  It is much prettier than the photo makes it look it's a little dull in this picture the lighting was bad but I think over all it turned out really nice.  Can't wait for her to see it in person!!  She loved the picture I sent her.  

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