Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tractor Fabric Edgings

This is not the project I was hinting at yesterday, that one is very time consuming with the busy season right now this is about another project. I found all this really neat tractor fabric online at Tractorfabric.com.  Got me thinking I had to order some of each and find a project for it...

I had added some edgings to some tea towels with tractor themes in the past and also when I enter in the Maryland State fair they want an unattached 24" edging but the Great Frederick Fair wants a project with an edging.  Tea towels aren't 24" so I thought I could make up a centerpiece of fabric to add the 24" edging to after the state fair for the Frederick fair.  
I have this IH edging ready to add to fabric but this one below is already completed.
I am pretty pleased with it but I think I'm going to continue the crochet shells on the side of the fabric to make it have a more complete look.  The possibilities are endless with this project!! Such beautiful fabrics to choose from, too!! 

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