Thursday, July 7, 2016

Green and Red Tractor Sculptures

A few months ago I saw a tractor basket that really caught my eye.  It was in a contest that I was not qualified to enter and if it was for sale I would have bought it in a heartbeat but it got me to thinking about trying to crochet one. Not only did I do one but I did two!! 

The patterns for these two tractors are now available at and also
They are about the size of a 1/16th scale toy tractor. They are pretty easy to make, an advanced beginner could make these and the pieces are made and stiffened around easy to find objects.  There are lots of photos included to help with the construction of these tractors to make it easier to understand.  The hard part is always trying to explain to someone how to make them!!  I hope you will give them a try:) 

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