Monday, September 5, 2016

Pictures from Maryland State Fair Display

I entered some items in the Maryland State Fair again this year.  Still haven't had a chance to actually go to the fair but this year they have a Facebook page, Crochet at the Maryland State Fair, so I can see the displays.  Crochet had their own section this year for the first time separate from the Knitting and Lace category it was always in with.  Soooo many entries its great to know crochet is alive and well!! 
This picture has my doilies and snowflakes in it.  One of the doilies is the one with the blue diamonds at the corners the other is the black and white one on the green paper.  The snowflakes are just above the black and white one.  It's always kind of hard to sew the doilies to the poster board and I was curious how others cut their poster board and also to see the other entries.  There aren't that many colors of poster board to coordinate with the doilies sometimes.....

This photo has my stuffed tractor toy in it.  Cute how the put the little Hello Kitty in the drivers seat :) 

This one has my pillow in the back right side, the bolster style one in the green, burgundy and antique white. 

The lighted snowman and green ball wreath are in this one with the little wreath ornament in the lower right. 

This one has my burgundy, teal and silver mosaic crochet purse near the bottom left, can't see it too well and also a filet crochet pink scarf just up the table as well as a drawstring bag in lavender, sage and off white on up the table.  You have to know what you are looking for to see those items.....

On the right in this one is a set of jewelry in the antique white and burgundy with the silver button trim. It is a set of bracelet, necklace and earrings. In the very top middle is a little beaded jar cover aso. 

The runner top left is my Rippling Waters pattern.

In all it looks like the entries did pretty well!!  There were 23 total and I don't see some of them in the pictures but when I get them back I'll take pictures of each one and post so you can see them all. 

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