Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Week

With all the nice weather we have had this week it seems that it has been non stop busy.  It started out by going to Lancaster for one truck then mowing grass for the first time.  Then the next day going to get a load of mulch for a neighbor.  Rick was busy hauling fertilizer every day except Monday and an afternoon or two.

After getting back from the mulch the truck got a much needed bath.

 I talked Rick into helping me get my "new" glider out of the barn since it's kind of awkward to handle alone.  We got this one from a friend last summer but never sat it out last year.  I'm thinking about getting my chairs out, too but I just know we will have a big wind if I do that.  This weather can't last !!

Then it was off to trim some trees around a field up the road.

Some of them are blooming very pretty this week. 

Today started off helping out Rick by hauling a little load of fertilizer to Winchester, VA so he could get a trailer load to Upperville, VA sooner.

After that I finished up the turbo tilling that Rick started the other evening.

Sure not a bad way to spend part of a day !!!

Then it was off to mow the grass again for the second time in the same week in MARCH no less !!! 
I sure hope it rains tomorrow.......

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