Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Mowing

You never know what to expect first thing on a Monday so after a few phone calls to find out what the Willard schedule was like today we ended up heading to Lancaster PA to pick up our 10-wheeler that they took up a month ago to have the tank welded inside.  It was drizzly when we left home but beautiful there.  Lots of Amish out working in their fields and I don't have any pictures but it was definitely wash day !!

When we got home it was very nice and sunny so we decided to tackle the grass.  We have never mowed grass this early before !!!  Maybe in the last few days of March but never this early.  Rick also sprayed the driveways. It never really got cold enough to kill off the weeds and they stayed green all winter.  First spring I ever remember that we didn't have to skip any wet spots in the yard.  Not sure that is a good thing....

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