Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty Pansies

I know, I know......I'm rushing it but they were just too pretty to pass up at Home Depot this morning !!!

Just had to get out some of my flower pots and other ornaments, too.  Stuff too heavy that the wind, hopefully, won't blow away !!

The crocus are really pretty now, too
Brings to mind a few of my crocheted pansies.....
This one was crocheted in size 80 tatting thread with a size 14 hook around a linen center.
I tried drying some pansies and their leaves years ago and put them in a frame.  It's faded a bit over the years but has held up really well.  I just pressed them between the pages of a big heavy book.  This doily is a very old pattern, one of several I have out of some vintage doily books.  I've made them in every shade of purple and also shaded yellow and for fall shaded oranges with brown centers. 
I also made them into a bracelet.  This was out of size 80 tatting thread and a 14 hook, too.  I didn't starch it or anything so it would be a little frilly. 
This is one of my original designs that was in Crochet World in April of 2010.  There is a better picture of it on the Ravelry website at the link at the top of the page.  If this doesn't make it snow nothing will !!

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